I've become fascinated with our modern relationship with the cosmos and I'm working on a project to discover more about this.

How we conceive the cosmos determines a lot about how we conceive ourselves. Our vision of what it is forms the ultimate context for how we live in it. Every culture and age creates its own idea of the cosmos, each framing in its singular way an idea of ourselves, our role or place in the grand scheme of things, our sense of purpose and meaning.

How, then, has the brain-curdling, supermassive, creator-and-destroyer-of-worlds cosmos we know today – our modern cosmos – affected our own views about who we are and what life means?

As a starting point for this project I’m keen to find out what thoughts and feelings a clear night sky inspires in people – and I’d love to hear from you.

If you feel inclined to describe your cosmic feelings, or are vaguely intrigued, please do get in touch via the form below.


* Feel free to say as much or as little as you want.

* Don’t think about it too hard, or feel you have to be poetic or especially eloquent – the more spontaneous the better!

* Many of us live in cities that don't offer a great view of the night sky. If you’re one of these, think about a time when you were under the stars and try and remember your thoughts and feelings then.

* You may give the universe no thought at all – or never look at the night sky. This too is interesting to me!

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