Dynamic Changes was a term-long series of music workshops in primary schools in East London, culminating in a largescale performance. The framework of the project was devised by Guildhall Connect and I project managed it.

We used post-grads on the Guildhall School of Music & Drama’s music leadership programme to run the workshops. The programme is refreshingly forward-thinking in its approach to music education, and its post-grads are talented, open-minded, free-thinking artists looking for unusual creative challenges. Fun to work with!

We were working in at least 10 schools and it was a mighty logistical effort, first getting the schools on board – making it relevant to the curriculum and selling it to the teachers – and second, organising the many workshop schedules around the school day. Our workshop leaders did an incredible job stimulating the musical ideas and skills of each group, many of whom had had little or no musical experience.

I approached Hackney Round Chapel to host the final performance; it boasts a lovely, large open space and a beautiful gallery. After the monumental organisational effort getting the project up and running it was a wonderful reward hearing each group performing their self-created pieces and then all coming together for the rousing finale.