Musical Futures is an innovative movement to reshape music education in schools. Working as project coordinator for Serious, we planned and managed, in close collaboration with Abigail D'Amore (then Project Leader and now CEO of Musical Futures) a large-scale day-long conference at Southbank Centre called In Your Hands.

The idea was not only to provide an opportunity for music educators to find out more about the Musical Futures model, report on their progress and meet others travelling the same paths, but also to offer imaginative workshops that would provoke ideas, and a platform for students to showcase the music they'd been creating in classroom. This, after all, is what Musical Futures is all about.

There was lots to organise - delegates, speakers, performers, workshop leaders - but the event was hailed as a major success by attendees and its funder, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Musical Futures is still going strong and growing apace.