Pop-up cinema is all the rage now but The Nomad was one of the first - and still remains one of the finest. They've been screening films in some of the best spaces in London for five years - Belgrave Square, Brompton Cemetery, Coram Secret Garden, to name a few. And this year I've started working for them as an event producer.

The Nomad is the roaming sister of the cute independent Lexi cinema in Kensal Rise. It's produced by a small, dedicated - and brilliant - team who somehow manage to organise over 50 plus screenings a year across the capital. What's more, all their profits go to charity.

I've learnt a lot in a short space of time about how to create an outside cinema in 4 hours. To start with, you need an inflatable screen the size of a blue whale. These are monstrous behemoths and they take some taming - not advisable in high winds!

What I love about the The Nomad is their imaginative pairing of venues with films, and the extra mile they go to create ambience and atmosphere. Imagine Donnie Darko in a pitch dark cemetery, or Casablanca in the forecourt of the Royal Academy of Arts. I also love the whole pop-up ethos - making an unforgettable event in one day.

In 2015 I'll be working with The Nomad at eight venues including East Village on the edge of the Olympic Park, Meantime Brewery amidst the vats and pipes, and the rarified confines of Wilton Crescent.