I got into events indirectly. In 1999, whilst trying to make a living as a saxophonist, I got a temping job at the Royal Festival Hall. After six months a role came up as an event coordinator - I applied and stayed for nine years.

Southbank Centre is a wonderful venue but in 2007 I felt the call of the wild and went freelance. Since then I've worked on many different projects, large and small and across many different areas - I like the variety. 

I have organised music festivals, food festivals, sports festivals, concerts, educational conferences, press conferences, PR launches, workshops, seminars, artist residences, talks, screenings, school projects, community-based activities, and more.

More recently my work has taken me into non-event based creative projects involving film, photography, online public engagement, and the good old-fashioned written word.

Since going freelance I have worked with many kinds of organisation including live music producers, concert halls, conservatoires, embassies, councils, PR agencies, arts venues, charities, parks, broadcasters, funding bodies, property developers, libraries, pop-up cinemas, community groups, schools, and many more. Find out more below.